Shoes for Power Sports

Like any other sport, the sport of Powerlifting has specific footwear requirements to optimize performance. SABO is the only dedicated Powerlifting footwear company in the world. Through years of research, consulting with athletes, and traveling the world in search of the best materials and technology, SABO has developed the ultimate in Powerlifting shoes.

From Russia With Love

Made in Kirov, Russia, SABO shoes are made with expertise, experience and a whole lot of love.  Working with a cutting edge R&D-team, physiologists, textile engineers, designers and elite athletes: SABO shoes are built to perform.

Watch this space for new products coming online in 2019

Performance Shoes

SABO-USA is the wholesale distributor for SABO shoes in the United States. If you are a retailer interested in stocking the SABO brand, please reach out to us.

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